Akki Rotti / Thalipeeth and Coconut Chutney



Akki Rotti means rice flour pancake in Kannada and is a rice-based specialty breakfast item from the sate of Karnataka. This is also very similar to “Thalipeeth” made in Maharashtra. This is served along with chutney and a dollop of ghee or butter on the side.

As with every other recipe there are so many different ways of doing this “Rotti”, some add shredded carrots, papdi liva (avarekai), dill etc to the dough. I pretty much follow my mother’s recipe here using the basic ingredients like onion, coriander, cumin seeds. She adds some oil/butter and cream to the dough as it makes the “Rotti” little softer and not dry like cardboard. This also allows the “Roti” to be kept for a longer time as otherwise it gets hard.

There are also different ways in which the Rotti is made. Some of my friends pat the prepared dough directly over the girdle/tava and some make this on a Kadai/bandle. The later method is called “Bandle Rotti” in Kannada. But I follow another method in which the Roti dough is patted on to a shape of circle on a plastic cover. I then transfer the prepared circled dough onto the hot tava. I feel this method gives more flexibility as it is easy to control the shape and the thickness of the “Rotti”. My mother uses the milk covers (available in India), washes them thoroughly, dries them and then magically cuts the rectangular plastic bag into a circular one. No matter how many times I have tried I can never get a circular shape. So as a last resort, whenever we go to India, I get bagful of these circular bags and store it there. If this is not available then aluminum foil can be used instead.

The coconut chutney is my MIL’s recipe. As the base coconut chutney itself has no special taste, the flavor is imparted from the tadka, so it has to be strong; a good quality of asafetida is recommended for this. The flavor for the chutney comes from hing and curry leaves.?


This is my contribution to FIC-White, an event created?by SunshineMom at TongueTicklers. This has been hosted this month by Lubna at Yummy Food.


  • 2 cups rice flour
  • ? cup very fine ?chopped onions (more the better)
  • 3-4 green chillies cut finely
  • 1 Tbsp cumin seeds
  • Handful of chopped coriander leaves
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 Tbsp warm butter/oil (while making the dough)
  • 1 Tbsp cream (optional)
  • Little jaggery (optional)


Preparation: (making the dough)


  • Take a big flat plate and spread in the rice flour. Take the remaining ingredients (except oil and cream) and spread it over this. Mix well.
  • Warm the oil and pour it over this. Add the cream (if using) and mix well.
  • Make stiff dough out of this by adding warm water in parts. Do not add all the water at once.
  • ?This should have a consistently of chapathi dough. The more the dough is kneaded the better. Cover this dough and keep aside for about 30 minutes.




  • Heat a tava/gridle on medium flame. Meanwhile take a handful of the prepared dough and pat it on a plastic cover shaped into a circle (see above). Spread this around until medium thickness is attained.
  • Place this on the tava, pat round and remove the plastic cover. Spread oil around it and cover with a lid. There is no need to crank up the heat. This is usually cooked on medium to medium high flame.
  • Turn on the other side, add some oil and allow to cook on other side.
  • Proceed with the same method for the remaining dough.


?Ingredients for coconut chutney:

  • ?1 cup shredded coconut
  • 3-4 green chillies
  • 1 tbsp tamarind paste
  • Salt to taste



  • 1 tsp Mustard seeds
  • 3-4 Curry leaves
  • Asafetida (hing) a pinch
  • 2-3 red chillies broken into an inch
  • oil



  • Grind the coconut along with green chillies, tamarind and salt adding sufficient water. Make sure there are no lumps and that it has become a fine paste.
  • For tadka heat oil, add mustard seeds, curry leaves, red chillies and asafetida. Pour this over the chutney and close this with lid immediately.

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  1. Alka says:

    Lovely Rotis…we call it Doda in sindhi,and i love to relish these with curd or buttermilk…yummm…despite of having lunch just an hour ago,i m feeling hungry again and craving for these ??

  2. Aparna says:

    This looks good. I should try it.
    They make a rice roti in Kerala too. It is plain and called Pathiri and made after cooking the flour into a dough.

  3. Laavanya says:

    Oh i’ve always been fascinated by how lovely these look but have’t tried my hand at it at all.. Hope to do it soon. That must’ve been such a tasty breakfast.

  4. Keerthana says:

    Hi RC, akki rotti is my fav…good to know u too frm Karnataka!also, thanks for correcting the name at ‘food world’…i feel i acted very funny the other day:)

  5. Usha says:

    The akki roti looks delicious,I have been wanting to make these for the longest time now and looking at your pictures makes me want to try this very soon ??

  6. Cham says:

    My husb is from karn, he showed me once how to make with avarakkai and dill. As u said oil is the key thing to keep soft, I will give a try ur version! Chutney is perfect combo!

  7. RedChillies says:

    Alka and Aparna; thanks girls. Seriously I thought that these were prepared only in Karnataka and Maharashtra.Glad I learnt that.

    Laavanya, this is one delicious breakfast. One can never have enough and we used to have “rolling” rottis at home.

    Soma, do give it a try sometime. They are delicous and filling.

    Hugs to you Keerthana, glad you are a part of Foodworld. I am from Karnataka too.

  8. RedChillies says:

    Thanks ISG. True, I like the method of first patting on a plastic bag and then transferring it over the hot tava. Works well for me.

    You go girl Usha. It is always a good time to make Akki Rotti.

    Madhuram, perfect! I am pretty sure you will come up with ways of sneaking something healthy into this ??

    Cham, you made my mouth water. Avarekai and dill added to Akki rotti is to die for. Nobody will ever leave the kitchen ??

  9. RedChillies says:

    Madhu, Akki rotti is a star isn’t it? One can never have enough. I can eat this the whole day.

    Mahimaa, seriously you are brave to do it in a kadai. That never comes out well for me. Also thanks for the coconut idea. In fact, my grandmother used to add it while making thalipeeth. So glad you reminded me.

  10. Ujwal says:

    Rc, Looks yum yum.. I learnt to make this from my friend here few days back. The first time I tasted it was in Blore and fell in love with the first bite.. Do try adding grated coconut in this. I add grated coconut and leave out Oil.. comes out soft.. I am yet to post it in my blog. I tried patting it directly on the kadai did not come out thin..so sticking on to Aluminium foil for time being. Your look yummy and perfect..Good one..BTW made MW besan laddoo’s referrring to your blog and Tee’s. Thanks dear.. ??

  11. Nithya says:

    This definetly is a great stuff.Am from Bangalore and I totally miss eating this here.Instead of the cover/plastic sheet I pat it directly on the tawa,but ya it is a tedious task to keep cleaning and reusing it again.Your idea of using a plastic cover is a great idea!

  12. Deesha says:

    its been a month since I ate akki rotti .. these days we end up eating corn flakes for breakfast .. I miss this soo much .. now this gives me a reason to make akki rotti for saturday’s breakfast .. I just love it with avarekai N I love it with sabsige soppu/dill leaves too .. pic looks real tempting

  13. Purva says:

    Akki rotis look lovely and easy to make, when we make thaalipeeth we add ragi flour and bajra flour as well..
    Thanks for sharing this version….will try it soon….

  14. PG says:

    I ‘m surprised that i didn’t leave a comment here, as i thought I had. Anyways, this looks so good. I have to send this recipe to my sister. I’m sure she’lll be happy to have it. These look so good. So full of flavours too. I’ll be making it for sure.
    Thanks a lot for the link to the gluten free blog!

  15. Sumi says:

    We have never had this dish in my house hold and its pretty new to me.but the recipe looks very simple. I will definitly try this sometime this weekend.

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  17. Bharathi says:

    I mix rice flour with (chopped onion, chili, hing, jeera, and grated coconut) with buttermilk. My kids love it!!!

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