Gujarathi Kadhi


I grew up eating predominantly Konkani/Maharashtrian and also Karnataka style food. Even though I had Guajarati food occasionally maybe at friend’s place or restaurants I always enjoyed it and craved for more. The sweet mild taste, flavorful spices all blend together to form a unique taste. Quite frankly we are a family that relishes real hot food; at any point of time we have a huge storage of red and green chillies at home to use in our everyday cooking. But then I equally love the mild and pleasant taste of Gujarathi food.?


Unfortunately in the place that we live currently there are no Guajarati restaurants around and so it had been a while since I had some authentic Guajarati style food.?


Quite recently we had been to a friend’s place for dinner and we were treated to fabulous Gujarathi style cuisine including Kadhi, Undhiya and Dhoklas. Because of time constraints etc I did not get a chance to get the recipes from her.

After a week or so I craved for some Kadhi and googled for the same. I adapted this recipe from Tarla Dalal’s site and made some minor changes.

?Dear P, this bowlful of Kadhi is especially for you! Remember the bowl? J



  • 2 Tbsp gram flour/besan
  • 2 cups fresh yogurt
  • 1 tsp chilli-ginger paste
  • Pinch of turmeric
  • Salt to taste
  • Sugar as per taste
  • Chopped coriander for garnishing??

For tempering/tadka?


  • a pinch asafetida
  • Curry leaves
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  • 1 red chilli broken into pieces
  • 2 tsp oil?




  • Mix the gram flour, yogurt and 3 cups of water and mix well.
  • Add the chilli-ginger paste, sugar, and turmeric, salt and bring it to boil. Stir in between as the besan tends to stick to the bottom.
  • Prepare the tempering by heating the oil and frying the cumin and mustard seeds until they turn brown. Add the asafetida, curry leaves and red chilli.
  • Add this to the kadhi and boil for a few minutes. ?
  • Finally garnish with chopped coriander leaves.


Tips to prevent curdling:?



AnuDivya: Thanks for reminding me about the curdling part in the Kadhi.? The yogurt tends to curdle when it is boiled. So a good way to avoid the curdling is not to boil it for a long time, but to simmer it on low flame for lesser time. Also another tip that I have heard is to use full fat yogurt rather than low fat or no-fat yogurt.

?Tip from Sonu: When you prepare yogurt-besan mixture, add a salt before you put on gas. If you forget to add salt you might not get perfect result. I mean you should add salt while making mixture that prevents separation of curd from Kadhi and you will get nice and silky Kadhi. This is my Mom’s old time tip and will definitely work out

?Tip from Soma: Use full fat dahi(yogurt), and the besan(gram flour) in it prevents it from curdling.??



Thanks All!



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  1. Cham says:

    The kadhi looks similar to “Moor Kuzhambu” of TN, but the ingredients are different. Looks delicious this version.

  2. Aparna says:

    Love gujrathi food and this too. We are lucky to have a restaurant here though they serve only “Thalis”. They make excellent theplas.:)

  3. anudivya says:

    Hey Supriya… I love kadhi, but never knew how to make it.
    Couple of questions…
    Won’t the curd separate when boiling? Mine does every now and then… how do I prevent this?
    When those little fried dumplings are added, do these become Kadhi pakodis? Just wondering… if that is the same.

  4. Alka says:

    I got nostalgic abt those wonderful HILLSTATIONS days,when every meal was a Gujju Thali ,ofcourse with varying veggies each time.My hubby just loves this curry(more than Sindhi kadhi) and i made this couple of times at home with few other dry subzis and Masala khichdi to recreate that THALI at home…just love to slurrppppp this delicious and light curry and hey the bowl looks gorgeous !

  5. redchillies says:

    Thank you all very much for the warm comments. It means so much to me.

    AnuDivya, thank you. I have added a part about curdling yogurt in the post itself. I am no Punjabi or Gujarathi expert, but I beleive Kadhi pakodi is pretty much what you have described:-)

  6. Sonu says:

    Wow…it’s all the time forever recipe in every Gujju house. ?? Ur Kadhi looks perfect!

    For Anudivya’s query: When you prepare yogurt-besan mixture, add a salt before you put on gas. If you forgot to add salt you might not get perfect result. I mean you should add salt while making mixture that prevents separation of curd from Kadhi and you will get nice and silky Kadhi. ?? This is my Mom’s old time tip and will definitely work out. Hope this helps.

  7. PG says:

    I love kadhi. It is one of my favorite dishes to eat with rice or hot roti’s straight off the fire. yummmm…!
    Your recipe sounds wonderful!
    Have eaten Gujrati food a couple of times, yes, I liked it too.

  8. Soma says:

    Supriya, I make kadhi very often, but the North Indian style with pakoris in it. My hubby loves that. I like the milded gujrati version, like this one. its light…

    also if u use full fat dahi, & the besan in it prevents it from curdling.

    I am in love with that bowl:-)

  9. Ujwal says:

    Hey Supriya,
    My hubby was just asking me yesterday to make Kadhi with Dal khichidi. It was available in one of the restaurants in Mangalore and he was in love with it. I am going to make this soon. Thanks a lot dear.

  10. Sunshinemom says:

    Delicious kadhi – perfect comfort food! I make this rarely now, but without the sugar! The ‘same time sweet and salty’ taste does not agree with me!

  11. Sharmila says:

    Hi Supriya! Am finally leaving a line here. Have been reading you wonderful recipes and writings in quiet awe. ??
    I do make Rajsthani kadhi which has a sharp sour and salty taste… but prefer the sweet Gujarati kadhi. Your bowlful looks delicious! ??

  12. Nithya says:

    I enjoy Gujrathi cuisine especially for the sweetish tinge that they have….Kadi’s make life so simple coz they are so easy to make.In the Gujrathi kadi too, i like the li’l bit of sweetish tinge that it has…nice one!

  13. Madhuram says:

    We make another variation. We use green chillies and after tempering we also fry finely chopped onions and then the same procedure. Also the name “bombay chutney” is used to refer this dish. I love it with puris and chapathis.

  14. Vaishali says:

    Hi Supriya, This is such a memory-evoking kadhi; I used to eat it at my gujju cousin’s home, and loved it. My Konkani/Maharashtrian parents also made a version of it, though.
    Your version looks gorgeous. Love the picture. I have got to try this with soy yogurt.

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