Spicy Low Fat Puffed Rice/ Khara Kadle Poori

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The weather here in our neck of the woods has taken a total U-turn. It is raining here everyday for the past 20 days or so. With over cast skies and gloomy weather the surrounding makes it so “un-spring” like.


During the week days when I am out at work, it hardly makes a difference as I am stuck in the cube with bright lighting, controlled temperatures and no glimpse of the outside world. Rain or shine with in the office hours, I pretty much look at the same ‘landscape’.


It is however different if it rains during the weekends. We are pretty much confined to our homes and we find it difficult to get even the basic things like grocery to be done.



This past Saturday it rained pretty much the whole day with never seen before thunder and lightning. Call me weird but I am not person that prefers crunchy pakodas with hot tea type of person when it rains. ?I find it next to impossible to drag myself into the kitchen and whip some bhajjis or pakodas on a dark cloudy day like that. I would rather prefer to sprawl on a couch and watch some old sappy romantic movie, maybe even shed a tear or twoJ. Remember the movie “One Fine Day”?




Dear Husband (DH) on the other hand loves pakodas with hot tea during rains. For him it brings back fond memories of the place he grew up in. To keep up with the tradition, he ‘volunteered’ to make this Spicy Puffed Rice. At least this is a much better option to the deep fried bhajjis or pakodas. You don’t feel guilty after the rains are gone. There is some crunch even to this isn’t it?


In many parts of India this is sold in small paper cones by local street vendors. This is an easy, guilt free snack to prepare, good enough to satisfy those mid-afternoon cravings. This is can done in little as 10 minutes.


This is my contribution to the “15 minute Cooking event” hosted by Mahimaa at Indian Vegetarian Kitchen.



  • 3 cups puffed rice (available at Indian stores)
  • A handful of dalia split (Kadle pappu/hurigadle/chutney daal)
  • 1/2 cup peanuts
  • 3-4 garlic pods (crushed into small pieces) (optional replace with Asafetida)
  • 2-3 dry red chillies
  • Red chilli powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • 1 Tbsp Oil
  • ?salt
  • Curry leaves
  • Mustard seeds
  • Jeera (cumin seeds)

chivda_kadlepuri 011



  • Note: If the puffed rice is not crunchy enough, then in a flat pan lightly toast it over medium to low flame for a minute or so. Keep aside.
  • Take a heavy bottom pan, add oil on medium heat. Add the mustard and allow to splutter. Next add curry leaves, jeera and dry red chillies.
  • Add the peanuts and stir until it becomes crispy, next add the chopped garlic and mix until it turns light brown. (If not using garlic then use asafetida)
  • Add pinch of turmeric powder, salt, red chilli powder and mix well.
  • This mixture forms the base, then add the puffed rice and mix well so that the base coats evenly onto the puffed rice. Let it cool. Store in air tight container.
  • Enjoy with warm cup of tea or coffee. J



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  1. indosungod says:

    Love this RC and the picture beautiful. It used to be my grandma’s speciality. She also added mor milagai (dahi mirch) which made it even more special.

  2. mahimaa says:

    I am surely going to indian stores today to grab some puffed rice to make these. i remember my mom used to buy this for me when i was a kid, from a street stall ??

  3. Asha says:

    YUM YUM! Wish I could get Bengaluru style Kadle puri here, I used to make Uppittu with that. Looks good RC, enjoy! ??

  4. SuperChef says:

    mmmm..yummy. I wouldve never thought of naything other than pakodas to go with tea on a rainy day and especially since it rains so much in Seattle, i think i should start making these kinda snacks as well ?? nice pics also ??

  5. Lavanya says:

    i love this..usually i will mix litle oil with salt n chilli n add onions at last..all are raw.. no heating..simple and i like it too..i will try this version:)

  6. Soma says:

    Hey, my mom used to make this over the weekends.. when we would sit & watch the movies:-D.. this saturday when i was craving samosas so bad,I actually tried doing this, but my luck – I had everything other than the murmura:-(

    After seeing this, now I will make this soon:-)

  7. CurryLeaf says:

    Love this RC.During rain I too would like to put my feet up,but my husband always things of hot pakoras and tea.So you know I have to get up,. Well I too get to enjoy them,thats a plus point.the pics are too lovely and real

  8. SJ says:

    This is my mom’s favourite! This and that fried sago pearls with khara pudi- I cannot recollect the kannada name…

  9. Alka says:

    That’s My son’s fav. and he loves some black currants in this.And i prefer this with dash of lemon juice.hmm nothing like Bhajis in rainy day, but then u r not alone to dislike that,since my hubby too feels that rains and bhajis have no connection or whatsoever (sigh)
    This looks inviting,but i am sure u don’t need a COMPANY to finish these off ??

  10. redchillies says:

    ISG Thank you very much. Grandma’s are the best aren’t they? Loved loved the idea of adding dahi mirch to this and making it special.

    Mahimaa thanks. They are low fat and yummy, a God-send isn’t it? Go to the Indian store ASAP girl ??

    Parita thanks. Cool co-incidence eh? sure, we jazzed it up a bit with garlic and dalia.

    Asha thanks. True, the Bangaluru style kadle puri works here, not the mysore style. Ooh I am so craving for the kadle puri uppittu now ??

    Trupti thanks. Hmmm.. I did not know that this was called Bhadang. It is sold st so many places in Bombay isn’t it?

  11. redchillies says:

    Superchef thanks. Frankly, I am too lazy to go to the kitchen to whip up something. Of course, I would love it if somebody else makes it for me :-)) Atleast this is guilt-free and crunchy.

    Laavanya thanks. Trust me, when DH is in the kitchen shipping up dishes, there is no question that it will be spicy.
    But great snack isn’t it?

    Kalyani thanks. There you go.. this was one of life’s imple pleasures isn’t it?

    Lavanya thanks. Yumm love your idea a good snack to munch on.:-)

    Divya thanks. Rains inspire you to do so many things isn’t it?

  12. Vaishali says:

    Sounds like bhel, but with different spices. I have some brown rice crispies sitting around, so I am going to try this for sure, RC.
    By the way, it’s been raining non-stop here in the DC area too. I think I’ve had it with the rain ??

  13. redchillies says:

    Ashwini thanks. Come on over girl, you can have the entire bowl. It is raining here again.

    Soma, thanks. Saturday evening movie on DD I were so much fun right? Girl, you are funny :-). you had everything but the murmura? The rains will not stop here any time soon, so we will need lots of murmura bags.

    Cham thanks. Jeez, just after your husband preapres khara puri, rush him off to some job and then you know what to do with that khara poori ??

    Madhumathi thanks. It is easy, does not take time at all and addictive too. What more can a girl ask?

    Priya thanks. Same here, once I start I cannot stop and the whole thing just finishes.

  14. redchillies says:

    Sweatha thanks. You are my kind of girl. I am too lazy to go to the kitchen during those times. Men kab suddhrenge? ??

    SJ, I know what you mean. I forgot the name of the sabbakki thing. I used to love the ones from the Subbamma stores. They used to be such big ones.

    Alka thanks. Thank God I am not unique. Like I said I am way too lazy to go to the kitchen. I would rather sleep on the couch and weep over some movie ??

    HC thanks. Girl, you need to go to the Indian store ASAP and make this. IT is that good else you are missing something ??

    Vaishali thanks. This does not have any wet ingredients and can be stored for a while. Brown rice crispies seems like a good idea. It is still raining here non-stop ??

    Arch thanks. Brings back old memories isn’t it? Easy to make too.

  15. suparna says:

    Hi Supriya,
    Last week I made the mango oats kheer/pudding it was awesome ??
    Hmmm…khara kadale poori love it….used to have it during my childhood days :)then somehow the link to this dish snapped off ?? ur snaps make me nostalgic…I think one more to the T&T list ??
    Enjoy maadi ??

  16. Soma says:

    I reread your recipe… We do not use the jeera or the mustard… yes supriya, ran out of murmura.. last time wr bought it & did not use it for a long time.. so i had once cleaned the pantry & threw it out.. I do not like the murmura i usaully get… but the ones i get from a bangladeshi store, (the murmura from bangladesh) are really good, more like I am used to in bengal.

  17. Bharti says:

    Oh I love this! I didn’t have this often growing up but a dear friend often made it for picnics to much on. I remember one fine day..it was a sweet movie.

  18. Asha says:

    RC, most sons are very attached to moms indeed. Although they are taller, bigger than you and act macho like my Tushar! ?? If I have flu, he won’t leave my side! Boys are such sweethearts. Enjoy your son too. Hugs to you, see you next month. I am leaving tomorrow morning, Trisha will log on to my blogs once in 2 days or so until I come back. Very happy Mother’s day to you! ??

  19. redchillies says:

    A&N, same here. Rain or shine, we make this pretty often at home.

    Suparna thanks. So glad you loved the mango oats kheer and thank you for letting me know. It feels so good. I know this brings back so many old memories isn’t it? Hope you get to try this.

    Soma, I know what you mean. The murmura goes rancide pretty soon. I have the same problem. I have never been to a Bangladeshi store before. I need to visit sometime and see the goodies they have.

    Uma thanks for visting and the kind words. Do come over and visit more often ??

    Uj thanks. You know we used to get the Mysore Kadle Puri and that was a bit saltier than the Bangalore variety. This does not have that much salt though.

  20. redchillies says:

    Bharti thanks. Murmura was available a lot while growing up. This is guilt free and great idea for picnics.

    Sushma thanks. This is our family favorite too to munch on.

    Asha you are a sweetie. Thanks for the wishes, hugs to you and Happy Mother’s day to you. Hope you have a wonderful vacation. Refresh and come back with lots of recipes ??

    Shreya thanks. Rain does so many things isn’t it? Hope you get to try this.

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