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Ragi rotti?is a breakfast food of the state of?Karnataka,?India. Rotti or pancake ?is made from?ragi/ finger millet flour.? Raagi (Finger Millet, in English), a whole grain is rich in iron content and being low in Glycemic index is good for people with diabetes.

The process of making these Rottis are very similar to Akki Rotti, the rice flour pancake. You make the dough first and then pat the dough on the tava. One can pat the prepared raagi dough to round shape directly over the pan; but this requires good practice to get the correct thickness, and care needs to be taken to see that the pan is not hot.

I follow another method in which the Roti dough is patted on to a shape of circle on a plastic cover/aluminum foil. I then transfer the prepared circled dough onto the hot tava. I feel this method gives more flexibility as it is easy to control the shape and the thickness of the “Rotti”.

This is a great way to get the goodness of Ragi and enjoy its health benefits!

These are served along with chutney and a dollop of ghee or butter on the side.

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  • 2 cups Ragi flour (nachni / red millet))
  • 2 Tbsp rice flour
  • 2 Tbsp jowar/bajra (optional)
  • 1/2 cup chopped onions (more the better)
  • 1/2 cup chopped cabbage
  • 1-2 green chillies cut finely
  • 1 Tbsp cumin seeds
  • Handful of chopped coriander leaves
  • Salt to taste
  • 1/2 Tbsp warm butter/oil (while making the dough)


Preparation: (making the dough)?

  • Take a big flat plate and spread the ragi flour, rice and jawar/bajra flour. Add the remaining ingredients (except oil) and mix well.
  • Warm the butter/oil and pour it over this dry mixture.
  • Add warm water to this slowly and make stiff dough. Do not add all the water at once.
  • This should have a consistently of chapathi dough. The more the dough is kneaded the better. Cover this dough and keep aside for about 30 minutes.
  • Method:?
    • Heat a tava/griddle on medium flame. Have some pre-cut round shaped plastic sheets/parchment paper ready. If they are not available use aluminum foils and cut into round shape. Lightly grease it.Raagi_rotti-_prep1-1024x768
    • Take a handful of the prepared dough and pat it on a greased plastic sheet/polythene sheet shaped into a circle (see above). Spread this around from the center, outwards evenly until even thickness is attained. Do not pat this too thin.
    • Now transfer the dough on the tava, pat on the back of the polythene sheet which will transfer the flat dough to the tava/griddle and then remove the plastic cover/sheet immediately.
    • Note: If you do not wish to use the plastic sheet, pat it directly over the tava/pan. Make sure it is not hot
    • Raagi_rotti-_prep2-1024x768
    • Make hole in the middle and Spread oil around it and cover with a lid. There is no need to crank up the heat. This is usually cooked on medium to medium high flame.
    • Turn on the other side, add some more oil and cook on other side.
    • Proceed with the same method for the remaining dough.
    • It is better to eat immediately, as storing it will make it harder. Serve hot with chutney.





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