สูตรบาคาร่าA sleek Masala Box /Storage Bin Giveaway from GitaDini



Masala Dabba a round spice box usually made of steel is one of the quintessential part of many Indian kitchens. It has seven smaller bowls inside which holds seven different spices (ground or whole) or spice blends (masala). Growing up this was an essential part of my mom’s kitchen and this was the first thing that came out when the cooking started for the day. And now years later a stainless steel dabba filled with spices is an integral part of my kitchen too.

When a representative from the company GitaDini contacted me about the company and their products I was intrigued. Amongst their many products the one that caught my attention was this very different version of the Masala box; a new take on the traditional version. With twelve small containers this can hold five more spices or spice blends more than the traditional ones. As the box is made of plastic it is not bulky but much lighter than the ones made of steel. And the best thing is that if you do not want to store the usual spices, you can store something else.

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Here is more about the company and their products, right from their website.

GiaDini offers range of home accessories, products for the home and kitchen that are modern and functional to suit western lifestyles, but still reflect eastern culture and tradition.

The Yin Yang Storage Bin Set provides elegant, airtight storage for up to 12 different spices, herbs, seeds, nuts, etc. In addition to spice storage, it can help organize desk supplies, sewing materials, costume jewelry or other small items. Or fill it with chocolate or candy as a unique and practical housewarming gift! Available in a choice of three color combinations

  • 2 airtight, odorless plastic containers seal in freshness and flavor
  • Extended end tab for easy opening
  • Set includes 12 stainless steel containers – dishwasher safe
  • Set includes 2 plastic measuring scoops

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Now that I have piqued your interest here is your chance to get one through this giveaway. Thanks to GitiDini, one of these boxes can be yours. ?If you would like to receive this sleek Storage box/Masala dabba then all you have to do is to leave your comment and follow these rules.


The rules could not be simpler, but please read it carefully.

  • Just leave a comment here saying if you own a spice box/masala dabba and what type.
  • One lucky person will be chosen at random. Make sure you provide your valid email address so that you can be contacted in case you are the winner.
  • Shipping will be done by GitiDini to United States address only.
  • The last date to enter a comment is midnight (CST) Friday January 18th.

That’s it! Now what are you waiting for, just get started. Good luck.

Draw: A winner will be selected at random on Saturday, January 19th and posted thereafter. I will also contact that person by sending an email; in case that person does not respond back within 2 days, another person will be chosen and contacted.

PS: People living outside of United States, do not despair, you can use this to gift your friends or relatives living here.

Thanks to GitiDini for letting me host this wonderful giveaway!

2011 the year that was and a look ahead

?Time files and how! I cannot believe that December is over and that we are only a day away from opening a new page on the calendar, ushering a new chapter in our lives. Even though it is a brand new day, brand new month and a brand new year I have mixed feelings standing on the threshold; letting go of the old known while inviting a new unknown.?

With an awesome road trip and wonderful vacation few days ago it was a glorious end to 2011. Soaking up warm sun, dipping feet in the sparkly green water and relaxing on the white sand beaches, I had time to unwind and ponder over what 2011 had meant for us. There have been some ups and downs, a personal accomplishment, sad – happy phases the usual mix, but overall it has been a fruitful year, with blessings and the one full of gratitude.?

In terms of my blogging, it is now four and half years since I started and I have continued my passion and hobby. I now have 400 recipes here on RedChillies in which 75 new recipes were posted in the year 2011. I enjoy cooking, trying out new recipes and I hopefully will continue sharing more with you all.?

On a low note, there were two instances this year, where in RedChillies was affected and remained inaccessible for many days. Those were some nerve wracking days with the fear of losing one of my prized possessions. Luckily in both instances and the issue got resolved and the site was restored back to normalcy.?

We bought a new Canon Rebel DSLR toward the end of last year and that has given me an opportunity to learn and experiment photography on a whole new level. As I go about understanding it, I realize it is much more complex and I have a long way to go. But one thing is for sure, I love taking pictures be it nature, people, architecture but mainly food. One task we did for this year is we have uploaded most of the pictures on RedChillies on Flickr and this inspires us to take more and showcase them.?

One main thing I wanted to do in this post was to share some of my family favorites?dishes that we?prepared in 2011.

Vada Paav

Tutti Frutti Cake

Murmura Upma

Besan Ladoo

Light Lunches Ideas

Dosa Varieties

Bombay Tawa Pulao

Corn Chivda

Horse gram raw jackfruit Curry


For the next year, I do not have any special goals in mind for this blog. With home, work, family it becomes a challenge to commit and post on regular basis. But I do hope to continue the way I have done before, working on Revived recipes, presenting more Monthly Featured Recipes and of course, coming up with more new tried and tested recipes.?

Before I let you go, I wanted to express my heartfelt feelings dear readers. Thank you for taking time sharing your comments and expressing support. This motivates me to continue and strive to do more.?

?Wishing you all the very best and hope for a bright, successful 2012!

Simple Pasta to heal the heart (for Chalks and Chopsticks)

She looked at the clock for the 30th time that hour but it did not seem to move fast enough. She sighed, picked up a magazine and absently flipped through few pages but her mind kept drifting back to the clock and the phone. The doctor would call her anytime now and she could feel a tight knot developing in her stomach. As much as she dreaded the call that was the one she had been waiting for days now. The weeks and weeks of waiting would be finally over and she would know if her life would change forever.

?She paced through the house nervously from the foyer back to the family room.? Few rounds later she felt weak and she sat down when her gaze fell on the family picture; a beautiful family portrait of herself along with Rajesh and the beaming kids.? She gazed lovingly at it and her tens face relaxed as she thought of him and the kids. Rajesh her husband of 12 years, her rock, her constant companion through the ups and downs and pillar of strength throughout this ordeal.?

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Their two precious kids who were a source of joy and laughter had meant the world to them. But during the past 2 months the avalanche of gloom had swept away their innocence while snatching away their cherished childhood. ?They seemed to have matured beyond their age and she hated every bit of it. She felt helpless and now for the first time in her life she felt that she was losing it. She choked as her eyes welled up in tears.?

She was a strong person and one who was composed and in control. “You have a picture perfect life with everything going your way, Raagini” her friend had said. She felt that tinge of jealousy when her friend said that but she simply smiled and shrugged it off; of course, she knew that well but instead chose to focus on the positive that life offered while counting her blessings.?

And then a week or two later it all started first with a discomfort in the abdominal area, followed by chills, nausea and weight loss. Three weeks later, the pain had become so intense that she was bed ridden and had to be hospitalized; slew of doctor visits followed but they were still left with unanswered questions. It was like peeling the onion, layer by layer, the more she peeled the deeper the stink and deeper the tears. Battery of tests followed and the final blow was the MRI scan did suggest a potential unintended growth of mass. And now she would finally know if that growth was malignant tumor.

She looked at the clock again. The kids would be back from school in an hour and they would be hungry. Even though she had no stamina or the mood to cook, she did not want to keep the kids hungry. She dragged herself into the kitchen and heated some water to make simple bell pepper pasta. The kids loved it and it was the easiest thing to do. She dropped some pasta into the water and chopped some onions and bell pepper. Just as she was done draining the pasta the phone rang. The silence of the house was shattered and she came back from her reverie. It was the doctor calling.

Her heart started pounding and she could feel the sweat on her forehead as she went to pick up the receiver. She barely heard herself say hello when the doctor on the other end said “Ms. Raagini, this is Dr. Langley, I have some good news for you. The test results indicate that it is not malignant tumor as we suspected ……..” The doctor went on with his analysis for a while and told her about the next steps, none of which were difficult or drastic.

It was an intense feeling of relief and she silently said a prayer of thanks. At last they knew the reason, but it was not as serious as they had feared. For her what mattered was that her life was back and she had been given a second chance. She sat down and wept inconsolably, tears running down her cheeks only this time with feeling of relief and gratitude. The long ordeal was over and now they could piece their life back together and bring it to normal.

She arose, wiped her tears and went back to finish off the Pasta. It was now time to dry up those tears and heal the heart. She had to call Rajesh and convey the news; it was finally good news after a long long time.?


Disclaimer & Credit: This story is a work of fiction and a figment of my imagination; it is a contribution to food fiction event. This is my first ever entry to Of Chalks and Chopsticks an event started by the talented สูตรบาคาร่าAqua and hosted this month by Jaya at DesiSoccerMom. I cannot explain how excited I am to participate in this event and be a part of this group. I have been an admirer of Jaya, Sra, Aqua and BongMom for their writing skills and their way with words. Reading their post makes us feel as if writing (including fiction) is as easy as peeling an apple, but then trust me, it is not! (At least for me)

Finally, special thanks to Jaya for suggesting the title and doing edits to this story; cheerful and positive she has been a source of inspiration to me in more ways than one. She has also ‘excused’ me for not using the photo cue. She has gently nudged me to try things which I otherwise would not have tried by myself, including writing this story. I am so glad we became friends via this medium of food blogging.