Here you will find a list of Vegetarian Kid Friendly recipes from my blog. These are the recipes that I have cooked?keeping in mind our?5 year old boy.??I usually try recipes that are quick, easy and also healthy and not to forget kid-appealing.

As you look through these recipes, you will find some healthy snack ideas, lunch box ideas, refreshments,? cakes, muffins etc . You can modify the same to cater to your taste.

I would like to take this opportunity and invite readers to share their food ideas, kid recipes, suggestions by leaving comments here. This?will be useful to so many other ?moms/parents looking for useful kid recipes.












  1. Archana says:

    Hi Supriya
    Excellent recipes and presentation. Stumbled upon you site few weeks back while searching for instant dosa recipes and have been trying out your recipes almost couple of times a week. I am from Bangalore as well and can relate to your blog very well.
    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Sindu says:

    Hi Supriya,

    Many thanks for doing such a wonderful job in presenting delicious recipes.
    I am new to your website and haven’t tried all of your recipes yet but have had very good outcomes with the recipes I have tried recently. I am glad I found your site and will be checking every single day to see what can I do for the day. I would very much appriciate if you could give me some ideas for my son’s 2nd birthday. I am planning to prepare everything fresh and home made so that kids would surely enjoy my son’s birthday and everyone remembers the day. I live in London and will not have access to too many items(although I easily get basic stuffs at Indian stores). I am sure you maybe able to suggest me with great ideas on kid’s recipe that would be a big hit on my sons big day as your son celebrates his mock birthdays every now and then. I love the idea of mock birthday as it would help kids to learn more and make them happy.
    Please kindly suggest me with some ideas about which recipes would go well on the birthday party. I would prefer something which could be prepared a day before or in the mornings on the party day so that everything still looks fresh and tasy with no juggling around the kitchen during the evening prty time. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Once again, Many thanks for your time and your advice would be highly appricited and welcome.
    Thank you.

    Kindest regards,

  3. Nicole says:

    Okay, so can some one give me some good summer recipes for kids. So far i have fudge and rock candy. Im thinking more stuff thats NOT good for you. Just treat. Not like they would be eating it every day. Simple easy one’s would be great. Thanks!

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